“Not the Deddy?” First Ladies Detective Agency: It’s the Earrings….

I’m watching the “First Ladies Detective Agency” on HBO. The new series is based on the popular books by Alexander McCall Smith. The show takes place in Africa and the characters are refreshing.

I loved the first show, the palette of bright colors, the fantastic EARRINGS worn by the main character, the adorable Precious, played by Jill Scott and Grace,  her  overly proper and wide-eyed secretary who could never get a job anywhere else. 

The accents are enchanting. In my title: “Not the Deddy,” the Precious, the inventive detective is talking with a client who believes a man who is not her father has moved into her home, living off her earnings. She tells Precious she doesn’t think the man is really her father and Precious responds with the unforgettable: “Not the Deddy?” 

The “First Ladies Detective Agency” is unlike anything I’ve seen on the HBO and the Showtimes, etc. The star, Jill Scott, is pleasantly plump and wears the most marvelous ethnic outfits, with lots of abstracty designs and the EARRINGS. 

I think some viewers will tune in just to see what the characters are wearing because the clothing is so different from the uniform jeans and tees we Americans like to don.