More from former Coastsider Katie, Now in Guatamala


Dear June

I took care of Les’ mother for the last four years of her life until she passed three years ago, so I have a (small) idea of what you’ve been through; that’s how I ended up at Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. It’s been three years of “coming back to life” there for me, and it couldn’t have been better.

As far as the piano goes, I always had a baby grand piano with me wherever I lived, but I never played for money, so many people don’t even know I played. I’ve played all my life, and rarely talked about it since it’s such a part of me, so I was very surprised to find out that people didn’t know..

I decided to finally make a recording of this incredibly beautiful music that just “flows like the River” in the Silver Stream, before it’s too late and it’s gone… I’ve played all over the world and wherever I play, and in whatever language people have been using, they ask me “what was that song you just played; I heard it when I was a child.” This always brings tears to my eyes, especially since I don’t read music and the music just comes….

Let me know how you are and what you’ve been doing since you called me in Paris. You were working for some big magazine or publisher, I think, in S.F. back in the mid to late ’80’s when I lived in France. I’ve been back in NC ever since 1990, until I went to Guatemala in 2006, then it’s been back and forth. It’s great. Hope you can visit sometime; it’s the perfect place to regain one’s energy, health and sanity……

It was great reading about English Richard the plumber; he was always such a good-looking guy. Haven’t talked to them in years (called his girlfriend some years back; can’t think of her name right off), but think about the old days quite often. 

🙂 smile!

Your friend, Katie