I have been told that I am generous…to a fault

Several people have said that to me: “You are generous…to a fault.:

There’s always that pause  after the word “generous” because they’re not sue if they should tell me. To them, perhaps, “generous..to a fault” is negative.

But is it? Being generous is good and a warm gesture many of us have forgotten about. 

I love to give a guest a plant or a flower or a sweet-smelling soap. Maybe a book with a request that they review it for my blog. That’s hard to get people to do but I am always hopeful. 

You know what: I think being “generous….to a fault” is not a negative trait but a very positive one that we as humans have forgotten. We have forgotten to give (not material things necessarily), you know what I mean. We have lost the ability to empathize, to sympathize, to give and feel good about it.

I am proud to be generous….to a fault.



P.S.  I hear a man named Mike who lives in Miramar is copying my photos and selling them. I’ve always given them away (which I admit is dumb) but I was shocked to learn that he copies and sells them. Yuk.