Homage to Artist Galen Wolf

I have kept this for 30 years or more. Galen Wolf was a popular Coastside artist. Many, many people still remember him in their hearts. I will say that this was written by “Anonymous.”


“Hommage to Galen Wolf”

“How much I adore your hands

Because they created things

 so beautiful

How much I adore your eyes

Because they captured things

so wonderful

How much I adore your soul

Because she felt so immortal

How much I adore your thoughts

Because they were so clear


What pain 

to see

that all this is

fading away…..

By Anonymous



I have ended up with this big white space. I have no answer nor am I able to fix it, make it go away.

White space.

I think it’s a break for you to think before going on to the next entry. That’s what white space. There’s “nothing” visible there.