Deb & Mike Wong are Moving to New Image Digs




Hi June,
We didn’t know about Burt’s passing until I read your blog. I am so, so sorry!  I have no doubt that you lose a part of yourself with your loss – how can you not? I would be lost without Michael, completely out of commission., forget it, no way to cope.  There should be more support systems for those left behind.
Can we call you sometime, take you out to eat, visit, anything?  Even though we are in the midst of our move, we can take some time out.  When you are up to it, come by the new gallery at 790 Main street (maybe when we’ve cleaned up – the place is a disaster right now).   Here we are with our newly installed signs:
I agree with you about the t.v. news, by the way.  Mostly bad stuff, how terrible the world is (with a few light moments).  I don’t think that it is natural for us to know about what is going on with people around the world in such a way.  George Carlin called the news: “Gossip Gone Wild”. 
Ahhh, Burt. What a cool guy.  Such a character.  One of those “big spirits”.   Tom Monaghan called me last week, asking about you, and I said that your partner was ill, and that you were taking care of him.  
We have to go now – clearing out the rest of the old gallery, & setting up the new one.  Please take care of yourself, and give us a call when you are up to it.  No pressure.  Love, Deb & Mike