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Creaturemag News - Spring 09
Call for Creative friends - 9th Edition - Friendship
For the next wonderful edition of Creaturemag we will be opening up our pages to some very lucky people. Creature 9 is themed around friendship and will be released in three parts over the next three months, that’s one for April one for May and one in June, three hits of Creaturemag released in quick succession to keep your creative taste buds tingling. Each of the three releases will consist of one long page and be dedicated to showing the work of a different creative person or persons, group of friends or creative collective. The theme: Friendship Creature is interested in friendship from an artistic point of view, inspirational and passionate relationships. On a broad scale it’s about being inspired by the people around us, to narrow that thought down it’s about the intricacies and intimacies of the relationships we maintain and the sprouts of creativity that protrude from these involvements, whether positive or negative, happy or sad. As always there is an emphasis on collaboration, we encourage you to collaborate with a friend or friends in the creation of your page. If you would like to fill a page with your interpretation of the theme, please first consider the guidelines outlined here: For further info or to put forward you expression of interest please contact: [email protected] We look forward to hearing from you. Regards Creature x
Urgent - Art on Beermats - Tempoary art space
Our Friends at Temporary Art Space are looking for art on beer mats... if you are looking for an easy way to have your work exhibited then this is for you... art/writing/set-lists/owt-you-want-really-as-long-as-it's-on-a-beermat Send us beer mats! Everyone knows that all the best ideas for anything, ever, have been jotted down on beer mats first. Take a beer mat, make into a work of brewing art. All submitted beer mats will become part of an exhibition. Post your beer mats to by the 24th April to: Temporary Art Space Units 34-35 Piece Hall Halifax HX1 1RE  
Get invovlved
We are always on the lookout for collaborators and new friends. If you would like to get involved, swap links or help to spread the Creature word then please get in touch: [email protected] We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks Creature x  
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