1894: Spanishtown in Ashes

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From John Vonderlin

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Note: Half Moon Bay was originally called Spanishtown

But   Few   Buildings   Saved   From   the
Flames.   ;
Halfmoon Bay April 12—  The fire   which
broke   out   here   yesterday   afternoon in  the   Oc – 
cidental   Hotel   destroyed   that   building,   spread
to   adjoining   houses   and  consumed   almost   the
entire   block   in  which   the   hotel   was   located.
The   only   buildings   that   were   saved   are   the
feedmill   and   two   dwellings   belonging   to   the   J.
B.Dollof   estate   and   Charles   Bowman’s   small
saloon   building.
The   burned   block is  right   in   the   center   of
Spanishtown   and   Included   a   large   portion   of
the   business   part   of   the   town.   The   loss   is   be – 
tween   $16,000   aud   $17,000;   divided   as   follows:
Occidental   Hotel   and   furnlture   $9000,   Insured
for   $4000;   three   houses   and   outbuildings   be – 
longing   to   Charles   Bowman,   one building   occu – 
pied   as   a   drugstore   $5000,   insurance   $1000;
Robert   Walker’s   dwelling-bouse   and   bam
$1,000,   no   Insurance;   barn,   fences   and   out – 
buildings   belonging  in the  Dolofl   estate   $800,
insurance   $400;   John   Braganini tinshop
tools   $100,   no   insurance:   J.   B.   Gilchrist’s
building   occupled   by   Braganint   as   tinshop
$600, no   insurance.