Michael Powers: Extravaganza on the Water: High Noon, April 19

Warm salutations to all our adventuresome friends,
Here’s your invitation to the annual Tsunami Rangers/Reef Madness Race, high noon on April 19th – would love to see you here! 
As this wonderful adventure called life continues, Michael & Nani

             – artwork by David Etheridge

Since ancient times, coastal peoples have gathered by the sea in springtime to celebrate the passage of winter and engage in contests of skill & endurance. Honoring this tradition, we converge once again at Miramar Beach on April 19th at high noon. Come attired in dashing sea gypsy, pirate or ancient mariner garb if you dare, bring a drum with which to urge the racers onward – & don’t forget your dancing shoes! Please bring too, some hearty fare & grog for the pot luck feast immediately following the  race. Live music will be provided by Tsunami Ranger John Lull & his highly acclaimed South City Blues Band, along with beloved local vocalist, Miramar Beach’s very own Susan Pate. 

with experience & skill in extreme condition paddling & rock-filled surf zones – if you plan to race, come equipped with a sturdy boat, full body wet suit, helmet & Coast Guard approved PFD (life vest). Competitors should be in excellent physical condition – they could face storm sea conditions, steep shorebreak, rip currents, strong winds, 50º water, 6-15′ waves breaking over rocky reefs & exposed points – crossing over the infamous Mavericks surf break is part of the course. This race is long, exposed & very hazardous, & participants are encouraged to practice paddling the course ahead of time, to train & avoid surprises (call Michael if you want to join our weekly training paddle every Saturday AM until April 19th). 

Kayakers must have their boats & gear on the beach & be suited up to race by 11:30 AM. 
               Good luck, & may the Great Mother Sea be merciful to us all! 

Jim Kakuk (707)502-5679 Michael Powers (650)726-2748 Eric Soares (541)482-9293 Ed Andersen (650)726-4111  


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