August 31, 1909: Who wants a used stagecoach?

September 1909, from the files of the  Half Moon Bay Review

Another of San Mateo county’s enterprises has passed into history. The old San Mateo and Pescadero stage line has discontinued.  Tuesday evening, August 31,  1909  was the last trip of the line which for 47 years has been the means of conveyance of the mail and express as well as passengers, first from San Francisco direct and later from San Francisco and San Mateo.

The line was first started and owned by R. Dougherty of Purissima, running from San Francisco to Purissima in 1862. In 1864 Mr. Dougherty extended the line to Pescadero.

In 1865 Doughterty retired leaving the field to his competitor, who operated the San Mateo and Pescadero line. In 1883 the company which owned and operated the line just discontinued, was formed and composed of Levy Bros., Jos. Debenedetti and J. Boitano, and which did a thriving business until the advent of the Ocean Shore Railroad.

The mail and express contracts which were carried by the company have been transferred to other parties. The contracts from San Mateo to Half Moon Bay are being carried out and conveyances run by the enterprising proprietors of the Pilarcitos Stables, while the contracts from Half Moon Bay to Pescadero are fulfilled by J. Davis…

While we chronicle the passing of the stage line let us not forget that veteran driver Robert Rawls, or Buckskin Bob of other days, who for nearly half a century has handled the ribbons in various parts of the state. In 1861 Mr. Rawls drove stage on what was called the Los Angeles run from San Luis Obispo to San Juan, in 1866 from  San Juan to San Jose, coming to the coast to drive on the San Mateo and Pescadero line in 1867…