1930s: Supervisors Hear Coastsiders During Depression Era

From The Times and Daily News Leader, October 1935

Mrs. Margaret T. Kyne , Moss Beach, requested that the County Roads leading from Balboa Boulevard to the terminus of Reliance Avenue in Marine View Addition Tract, be repaired. On motion of Supervisors Witt and Beer, the Engineering Department was instructed to inspect the roads referred to.


The Recreation Committee recommended: (1) That the National Park Service be requested to take jurisdiction over the work program of the SERA camp in Memorial Park in order to continue the work of this camp. (2) That the Planning Commission be requested to designate a representative to assist in coordinating functions of the Planners and the activities of the National Park Service in planning the work program under the foregoing proposal, and (3) that an auxiliary or additional work project under the National Park Service, be provided for development of Thornton Beach, now being acquired by the County.

Secretary Sophie W. Root of the Recreation Commission explained usefulness of the project.

On motion of Supervisors Witt and High, the Commissions recommendations were approved and the Executive authorized to carry out its requests.


Final report of Harry W. Arnold, Lobitos Creek Bridge Inspector, together with a statement signed by Arnold and entitled “Review of the wooden bridges constructed during this period—1934=35.”


Eva Montevaldo, San Gregorio, complained of the condition of the road leading to her place. On motion of Supervisors High and Beer, the matter was referred to the Engineering Department.


A petition of 28 property owners and taxpayers of the Half Moon Bay Sanitary District requesting action necessary to eliminate unsanitary conditions in connection with the septic tank at the end of the sewer system in said district, was read. On motion of Supervisors Witt and High, the matter was referred to the Health Director and Engineer for Action.