Catching Up with Photographer Deb Wong

[Image: Deb with husband, Michael Wong.]
debmk         Story by Deb Wong

Hi June,

  My biggest project right now is a website for the Arusha Alliance school in Tanzania:   Maryann Heinzen just got back from Africa, with a load of photos and a lot of information for the website.  The school is the first school in that village, and Maryann donated all of the books for the library, in addition to much work in setting up the school.  This has been years in the making.  I did Maryann’s photography website, so she asked me to help her for this one, as we have a sympatico working relationship.  I think it is a very special project, and I already have put a lot of work into it.  Of course, we’re just getting started – there are 164 photos, and a lot of info. to add to the pages. This will also help with fundraising, and acknowledging the benefactors.  The kids are able to access the internet on one computer in the village, so they and their parents can see their photos on the internet.  They’re very excited about it. More later on this one.

Tom Monaghan also contacted me last week, prior to going to Australia. He will be expanding on his abalone business, bringing in other exotic seafood, so I will be adding more to his site when he returns.  He did ask me about the progress of the Moss Beach book – I think he wants to see his pic in the pages! 

Michael & I are very busy at the gallery, mostly with small framing and photography jobs.  I just finished work on the wedding website, added more photos, and made it more user-friendly (easier to navagate). His first wedding shoot is on Feb 15.   To celebrate our anniversary last month, we had a wonderful time in the Point Reyes area, stayed in Inverness, and hiked in Tomales Bay, right next to the elk. We also photographed a bobcat, who “posed” for me. 

Here’s a link to our photos:

After that needed time off, it was “hit the ground running” time…….right now, we’re off to the yard sales, over the hill – still doing my eBay sales, too!

Take care, Hugs to you both, and talk to you soon, I hope!