Message from Barry Parr

From Barry Parr at

San Mateo County Supervisor Rich Gordon is planning to attend Wednesday’s
Midcoast Community Council meeting. Coastsider wrote last week about
Supervisor Gordon’s proposal to limit who we can elect to the Midcoast
Community Council.

If you’re interested in how the Midcoast is governed by the county, you
should attend this meeting. If you have opinion about how we should govern
ourselves, you should plan to speak.

The meeting is at 7:30pm and this item will be discussed about ten minutes
after the meeting starts.

Unless we can get the Supervisors to hold a real meeting on the Midcoast,
this will be your only opportunity to speak at a convenient time and place.
The Supervisors will be discussing this proposal during the day on Tuesday,
Jan 27, in Redwood City.

The meeting will be held at Seton Medical Center Coastside: Marine
Boulevard & Etheldore, Moss Beach. Take Highway 1 to Marine Boulevard and
follow hospital signs uphill. Attendees must park in upper parking lots per
hospital policy. Turn left just before the end of the main driveway.


If you haven’t caught up on the issue, here are three items worth reading,
including a must-watch video of Supervisor Gordon’s legislative aide laying
down the law for our elected representatives: