Elaine M. Teixeira: HMB High Reunion, Class of 1948

Elaine M. Teixeira: I’ve attached a copy of a photo from my class reunion, 60th, from HMB, class of ’49, oh so many years ago.

The 1949 graduating class of HMB High School held a reunion on Sept. 13, 2008 at the Mezza Luna Restaurant in Princeton-By-The-Sea. Of the graduating class of 24 students, eight attend the dinner with spouses and relations were: Ugo Lea, Frank Ramacciotti, Guido Santini, Fred Cunha, Wiulbur Azevedo, Lena Ghilardi Ormonde, Jack Bettencourt, Dick Picchi, & Elaine Martini Teixeira. Others attending: Loretta Martini Santini, spouse of Guido Santini, Stacy Teixeira, Sunnyvale,daughter of Elaine Teixeira, Sally Lea, spouse of Ugo Lea, Franka Ramacciotti, spouse of Frank Ramacciotti, John Cunha, son of Fred Cunha, Cecilia Madonna Azevedo, spouse of Wilbur Azevedo, Kenny Ormonde, spouse of Lina Ormonde, Bobbie Pacheco, daughter of La Verne Pacheco, HMB.

Members of the class who were unable to attend: Rosina Bertolucci Banks of Washington, Mildred Jepsen Evangelho, San Jose, Dolores Evangelho Sima, Fremont, Pedro Corral of Rancho Cordova, Alice Martini Wickersham, Cloverdale, Shirley Marsh Pacecho and spouse Walter, HMB. Additionally, Class Advisor, Flora Mancebo of Novato, sent her regrets, she was not able to attend due to health problems.

Those deceased: Jerry Dutton, Nataline Giusti O’Toole, Edward Kochever, Edward Marsh, Evelyn Matteucci Mason, Alice McNulty Fernari, Alan Pederson, Francis Powell, Wayne Robertson, and June Torre. Others who attend school with the Class of “48, deceased: Mateo Pacheco and Darlene Paxton Cunha.

Entertainment was provided by Fred (Fritz) Cunha, with his repertoire of jokes, and Guido Santini with a special “crutch” given to him for assistance in his advancing age!

After a delicious dinner, the class members spent time recalling their days in high school, and having many laughs. In addition, a couple of class songs were song! Among diners who came and joined the group for a few words, included local residents Gino Lea, Sharon Bertolucci, and Cherie Torre.

May fond memories of the evening sustain us until the next reunion!