Dec. 28,1887: Stormy Weather

December 28, 1887

“A Halfmoon Bay Building Crushed in.

“A severe windstorm set in about 10 o’clock last night and increased in force during this morning. The Centennial flag pole, erected in 1876, was blown down, falling across the Ames saloon building and cutting it down to the ceiling. The chanderliers an, d lamps were demolished. The temperance refreshment saloon, now occupying the building happened to be closed while the proprietor was at breakfast, so no one was hurt. The pole was over 100 feet tall and much admired for its symmetrical proportions but now lies broken in several pieces. It was treated by the patent process for preserving piles, but had rotted off at the ground. The telegraph wires were broken by its fall so we have only mail communication with this world. No other damage is reported, though a man was sleeping in the house, but the wind had been the strongest experienced here for some years, and it may have cut up other pranks on the coast. Rain is falling, and if the wind holds south will doubtless be heavy by night. Some plowing had been done but much of the land was very dry and the grazing sadly need rain.”