Now & Then: Grizzly Bears and Mountain Lions

Last night I received this “Coastsider alert”  from

A mountain lion was sighted at 4:30pm today in the area of Bernal Ave at
Ocean Ave in Moss Beach. If you see a mountain lion, contact the Sheriff’
at 911. or Sgt. R. Johnson at Moss Beach substation 573-2844.

There’s a map of the area on Coastsider:

Here’s a good story from Pescadero, May 2, 1862:

“Friday, the 11th inst., Thomas Dale, Rufus Morgan and others were in pursuit of a grizzly bear, which had been committing depredations on the San Gregoria and vicinity. Finding the bear, with two cubs, on the Pomponia, some two miles from this place, they succeeded in killing one of the cubs, and wounding the old bear in the neck, which retreated, as they supposed, down the hill to the creek. They had pursued but a few paces when they came upon her, and so suddenly that she succeeded in catching Rufus Morgan and mutilating him in so severe a manner that all hopes of recovery seemed impossible. Dr. Goodspeed was called and rendered immediate aid. Finding the skull badly fractured, by the bear biting him so as to tear away the temporal bone, opening to the brain–also destroying one eye, which eye, luckily, he had lost the use of some years since–and shockingly mangling his left arm and hand; the wounds were dressed by removing a portion of the superior maxilary bone, which was displaced. Dr. Goodspeed has hopes of recovery, if the wound should not be complicated with erysipelatous inflammation.”