Gray Gardner on Where to Watch a Good Coastside Storm

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June-The best place for me was our old Beach House,on the beach below the Distillery,with the Waves breaking against the Reef and the”Pillar”,with the Lights of Distillery illuminating it all. The house was built  on the same lava formation as the Reef,and would shake with the wave hits .If  it was High Tide,the waves would fill the depression in front of the house………we would fire-up the  cast-  iron Fire Place, put Wagner on Bob’s Stereo  (Which was one of the best on the Coastside at that time).Turn the lights off and drink Hot  Spiced Rum until  Dawn!


June: Gray, who’s the “Bob” you mention?


Bob, Was Bob Garretson who I’m sure still has a few friends on the Coastside.We shared the Beach House from 1971 to 1975,

Bob later moved on to live on the North Fork of the Feather River Canyon at the Maple Leaf Inn,Steve Clark,who used to play Guitar  at the Distillery  lived there also. .For those who remember Steve,and his long hair, the last time I saw him in 1985 he had a crew cut.Bob later moved to Tucson,He was the one who saw the former owners of the “Ace of Cups”,I noted a while back.


Best Regards

Gray Gardner

Excelsio Springs,Mo.