Gabriel Moulin: San Mateo County’s Premier Historical Photographer

(The San Mateo County & San Francisco) Town & Country Homes 1910-1930

Gabriel Moulin’s glamorous photos of the beautiful homes and people who lived “over the hill” [code for the Peninsula.] in “very interesting” times, as the Federal Reserve (they print our money) was organized in 1913 followed by WWI, and this country’s first Great Depression in 1929. I’m giving the book some context by using the significant events that define the era when the great Peninsula photographer was shooting pix.

You may enjoy more of Mr. Moulin’s work (and his book) at the San Mateo County Historical Museum in Redwood City.

The cover photo is of the pool at  “Uplands,” the Hillsborough estate of Charles Templeton Crocker (1917.)