You could visit Pigeon Point

But take the book with you


The other day I took an out-of-town friend to a couple of small Coastside retail nurseries. We visited Flora Farm in Half Moon Bay and got lost in the gardens. We were seeking escape from all the horrific things going on that we have no control over. Lunch at Sam’s Chowder House was good–Sam’s is the former location of Ida’s Seafood, a famous restaurant that moved from Princeton to the Highway 1 location—overlooking the sandy beach and harbor, with the landmark, Pillar Point, watching over everything. Sam’s has taken all the positives and turned it into a lovely venue.

Who can resist sitting outside on a gorgeous Coastside day?

Along the way, we saw a group of Vietnamese Buddhist nuns! They were serene, beatific. I see their gentle smiles in my mind.

We stopped in at Blue Sky Nursery; the place was buzzing, there wasn’t a table to be had in the small cafe. My artist-friend Carol, who was wearing a cook’s apron, is working there now.

My out-of-town friend loved the mini-tour, and I promised to show her more of my Coastside next time.


About the old, faded green hippie bus: I saw it parked off Highway 1, on an empty lot in Miramar. There was netting around the bus. I said to myself: I’ve got a picture of that. Well, I never did, and yesterday, my pal, Leon, told me that the bus was just leaving town. He was disappointed that I hadn’t caught up with the folks who drove the bus away.