What does “Depression” Mean?

What does Depression Mean?

Even the word is hopelessly antiquated. Like from another century. Definitely “Pre-Laptop.” Ok?

“Depression.” All day long, on the financial networks, “they” call it that,  the Depression, the horrific (there is no exact word for it in the American language) third act of what may become the biggest financial crisis ever .

The 1929 Depression.


To people of our generation , well, you know what we mean by “depression.” What is best known as the biggest horrific financial crisis, ’29, went from being called the “Depression” to a melancholy state of mind that we can remedy with a pill.

This is the 21st Century. Please provide a better name for the biggest financial crisis (ever?)

Possible suggestions include:

Holocaust? No.
Cataclysm? No
Catastrophe? No.

All tired.

Whomever comes up with the best name will win either June’s book  “Princeton By the Sea,”or Burt’s book, “Bagels, Barry Bonds and Rotten Politicans.”


Rumor: World Central Bank Announcement coming Sunday night?

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My friend Lynn suggested

“we’re in a dimple.”

I told her “that’s too sweet.”

She said: “I’ll think of something meaner.How about ‘bloodletting’.”

I said “Bloodletting. I like that but I need an adjective in front of it.”

Lynn reminded me that John Stewart called the “Depression of ’08” a “cluster-you can imagine the next word yourself.”