RIP: BIG George Moore

Story by Sam Varela

Dear Friends,

Just to let you know, George Moore’s passing was on August 28th, one week after celebrating his 62nd Birthday (who knew?). Although it was anticipated, it was still accepted with extreme sadness. His memory is a special private place in each of our hearts. However, we all can recall with a smile that special memory that will always remain with us because of the Special person that he was. Though many have tried, none can replace the image of George and his aura and charisma. His Cowboy hat, Hawaiian shirt, BMW, Barrel Chest, Looks the lady’s loved, Pineapple treats, Surfing Legend, and his Class and Style.

There is more, of course, but we can each insert our own special time and incident. What a character, and proud father, he was!

We are currently trying to organize a gathering, to celebrate his life and will keep you informed of when it will occur. It justifies some set-up time, in order to do the quality event he has earned. We are looking at possibly, late October or early November, on a weekend, with no conflict and enough lead time to allow us all to gather together for that date. It will be good to break bread, talk and celebrate our special friend’s life. We are planning to hold the occasion in HMB, probably in Princeton by the Sea, near to Mavericks and to the harbor. Just a place that was close to his heart. (and where they will take the likes of us!)

Everyone will be notified once there is a fixed date,  and in the interim, please lite a candle and say a prayer. Be grateful he passed through our lives with the style he did. Til later George!

With All the Best To You,
From Peter Adams:
oh no — another old friend gone.  here’s a photo of george [at the bar of course!] with beard
during the installation of my stained glass.