Bryant Wollman: Anado says “Viva Bryant!”

Update: See Joyce Walder’s piece on Anado in the New York Times (Home & Garden), October 23, 2008: “His Theory: Color Chaos” Click here

I had a brief yet torrid friendship with Bryant years ago when he lived in Tunitas…we would run into one another over the years and had healed a rift that had taken place.  I last saw him in a coffee house in San Francisco before we moved to Mexico…it’s an odd feeling that I had…thinking this will probably be the last time I would see him…every so often I would google his name on the computer…last night I saw this heading:  Bryant Wollman 1947-2008….it was so hard to believe….I knew that Funky man very well….from the depths of his  lonesome sadness to the heights of his joyous abandon…he is resting…Viva Bryant!

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***Image: Return to the Source, Mixed Media Assemblage, courtesy of Made by Anado