Summer Reading: 1912: County Witnesses Royal Wedding (5)

When her dear friend Janetta McCook Whitman passed away on the East Coast, Jennie began spendin time with the widower who would become her husband, Malcolm Douglas Whitman.

Both athletic, Jennie preferred golf to Malcolm’s tennis. A Harvard graduate, he had been a member of America’s first Davis Cup team. Whitman seemed to admire her compulsive interest in prize dogs, even when they numbered as many as 63.

Learning of her brother’s intention to marry Helene Irwin, Jennie left “Uplands” and bought 150 acres of the historic Henri Barroilhet estate, also in Hillsborough. The $250,000 sale surprised Peninsula residents, who believed the owner, Mr. William Tevis, was going to subdivide the property.

The natural beauty of maple and pine woods on Jennie’s property, adjoining her Uncle William’s estate New Place, created a perfect setting for raising dogs. Teahouses and swings stood along the banks of San Mateo Creek, which was crossed by rustic bridges. Tending the acres of roses and hothouses was horticulturist and orchid expert Henry Maier.

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