Lizzie Wienke’s Story (4)

Lizzie and Joe Nash’s Short Life Together & Some Things Never Change

After the 1906 earthquake and fire, bids were put out for repairs to the damaged Redwood City Courthouse. The board of supervisors awarded the contract to the J.J. O’Brien Construction Co. at a total cost of $165,000, an impressive amount at the time.

The scandal started when Nash discovered the minutes of a Board of Supervisor’s meeting which mysteriously appeared on his desk, authorizing additional expenses for the courthouse dome. Nash knew no such meeting had taken place.

Under great pressure, Nash revealed the true facts to P.P. McEvoy, the new supervisor who brought it to the attention of the Grand Jury, sparking an official investigation leading to a dramatic shakeup in county government.

Joe Nash emerged from the controversy with a solid reputation for honesty, courage and integrity. All the while Lizzie had a front row view of the County’s rough and tumble politics.

Joe and Lizzie breathed politics, and he considered running for the state senate. But tragedy struck: Joe fell ill and died during the 1919 influenza pandemic.

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