From our friends near the Big Sur fire….Sam Varela Reports

Dear Friends and Relatives,

Our Evacuation Orders were lifted Friday night, thankfully. Although this is not a guarantee, it’s still really smoky here with some ash still falling; it is a big step toward saving our home and property.

There is no way to fully express our appreciation for the incredible offers to us of your manpower, trucks, temporary quarters and storage space that we have received during this crises—but mostly the incredible power of your prayers and support in unison that built the wall of protection to stop the fire one parcel away from us.

Although we are still under a cloud of smoke and the fire burned 12,000 acres near us in just 1 day– 3 days ago, the mighty heroes that have taken on the fight know what they are doing and allow certain areas to burn, hence the large burn is still on. ( only happens when you need  them ). Total containment is predicted for the 30th of the month. You won’t find much in the press anymore but its still burning. It is presently at 150,000+ acres and will burn until the rainy season begins. They will allow it to burn in the Ventana Wilderness next to us, which is a part of the Los Padres National Forest because that is the natural order of things in this ecology.

The amazing people who make up the manpower core of firefighters cannot be praised enough for the honorable dedicated proud human beings that they are. God Bless Them All!

This type of fire in the Wilderness is a recurring event, the second one for us, and is God’s way of keeping the forest healthy and vibrant. Folks that live within these areas understand that the forest is not the problem, its human encroachment that creates the threat. I think we can agree that fire has happened A Few Times in the past!

We have taken many things into consideration and have decided that it is time for a new owner to take this beautiful piece of land and log home to its next level, and will be selling, and moving on to the next chapter of our lives. The challenges at this time are still unknown. But for us the VALUE in this fire event is how blessed we are to have so very many true sincere friends and relatives who are there when the Gettin’ Gets Tough.

Please stay in contact as it has been great to hear from all of you. We are all well and safe here and hope you and yours are well too.

The chickens, doves and our things remain evacuated until the smoke clears however, no point in moving them again, in case the fire jumps the line. We will keep you informed if this unlikely event occurs. But we are keeping the faith!

Thanks and we love you all, from the bottom of our hearts. Take good care until we meet again!
All the best from,
and Jocelyn