“On the Coastside”: Sing Along with Neva Reece

Feeling a little blue? Do you feel like staying when you want to go? Or do you feel like going when you want to stay? You can travel all over the globe and I’ll bet you never forget the Coastside.

On The Coastside (by Neva Reece, copyright 1980)

Stick me in a pocket down by the sea

If you can’t find me, that’s where I’ll be

On the Coastside, diggin in on the Coastside


We’re proud to say we’re not L.A.

San Francisco nor San Jose

We’re just a string of little towns

Down on the Coastside


The City and Marin are flashy and fun

They’re as crazy as anyone might want to be

That’s why you’ll find me on the Coastside

When I’ve been away for over a day

When I drive down the Slide

You can hear me say

I’m back home again, back home on the Coastside


Sandy beach, blue horizons

Meeting me everyday

Is it really surprising

This is where I’ve come to stay?

Neva says:
I would love to write something – of course by the time I get through cutting out the parts that I would be embarrassed to share on a public space it will probably be – “I came, I hung out, i played guitar, I sang, I moved, I visited”….or something like that – ha!! I will have to develop some delicate nuances as some writers do – hint at spiritual states instead of specifics, I guess?!? I will talk to Mickey, I will actually be seeing him and Lizzie next week in Port Townsend. Last I heard of Denise [Steel], she moved to Hawaii and we haven’t heard from her since. I was asking Lizzie about her on one of my more recent visits and she didn’t know either. I will get back to you soon and will be sure to let Mickey know you would like to hear from him. See how wonderful your work is? Helping to bind friendships together through decades and over thousands of miles. you rock!