Laura’s great-great grandmother was Francis Miramontes

and Laura’s great-great grandfather was Gabriel Sibrian.

(I told Laura I am not familiar with the Sibrian name. Are you?)

In Half Moon Bay, the Miramontes name is ubiquitous: it’s the name of a street where real members of the Miramontes family reside. It’s the name of the southern point of Half Moon Bay. (Pillar Point is at the northern edge). And—the town of Half Moon Bay sits on the original Miramontes grant.

Marian Miramontes, wife of Bill, was the first telephone operator in town and she was very active in the local historical society.

They’re a huge family, the Miramontes’s, spread all over the country–to get a feeling for there’s a wonderful photo of the family celebrating an anniversary near where the San Benito House stands.

(This photo is from the San Mateo County History Museum collection.)

Laura, who lives in the East Bay, is tracing the history of her great-great grandparents and is looking for new leads.

She says: “…I also have a very old photo of I believe my great great grandpa Sibrian he was riding a Stage Coach in what looks to me like either sand dums or snow. I’m told that it is sand from the coast in Half Moon Bay ( Spanish Town)….”

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