Elaine Martini Teixeira: A Little Corner of Moss Beach

(Elaine Martini Teixeira, wearing white, with her sister Loretta)

Half Moon Bay Memories (HMBM): Elaine, when you were growing up on the Coastside, did you work?

Elaine Martini Teixiera (ETM): As I grew up, I worked in the family store in Moss Beach, not only serving the public, but stocking shelves when the grocery supplies came in.

There were two companies that had salesmen come in for orders on canned goods and then a drayage company would bring in the supplies. Fresh sliced bread was delivered from SF, along with bagged cookies, packaged cakes and chips, etc.

We also got deliveries from HMB: Alves dairy brought fresh milk and supplies, Ed Alves, and later his younger brother, Frank Alves, drove the milk truck.

The HMB Bakery delivered fresh bread to our store, the driver was Joe (Beans) Salomone and also Mr. Gihlardi. Mr Gilhardi often had his oldest daughter with him, Lina, and though we were the same age, we did not know each other, but, later, we were in the same class in high school!

A butcher truck came up from HMB, though my Mom did not sell meat in the store, she would make purchases for our family, saving a trip to HMB.

The meat market was Fred Marsh’s, the driver was Mr. Centoni, his two daughters later were in high school with me, and then Joe Nunes opened a market and drove his truck out our way.

During the summer months, while I was in grade school, I would go with my older sister, Gloria, and later by myself, to pick peas our many relatives who farmed in the area: Tony & Lilia Torre, Albert & Eva Quilici,& Daisy and Antone Cardelini.

Cardelini‚Äôs peas grew on the lots in Montara, behind the Veterans bldg, up in the hills, on the old Harr Wagner property and the Torello ranch. Torre peas grew on the Marine View Road and the Quilici’s in El Granada behind the old train station and in Miramar near the beach.

With the money I earned, I bought school clothes and if lucky,, a new bikes. My first bike I got second hand from Gloria; later I was able to buy a new one, with brakes that worked!

HMBM: Thank you, Elaine.