Thoughts after an Accident this afternoon on Hwy 92

We were heading west on Hwy 92 around 4 this afternoon, and we were getting close to Skyline, when we noticed a string of parked cars, and then a curious crowd of people looking over the edge into the canyon. Further west, we saw people parked in the lot on Skyline, arms crossed, looking downward.

The “weather & traffic together” channel was on the radio but no news of what must have been a horrific accident. Apparently we arrived just moments after the crash, and we wondered: “Is there a car down there in the canyon? Or maybe something bigger, a trailor? A bus?” We talked about the vehicles but what we really meant was, Who was in the car? Who’s down there? Are they okay?

There were no police or ambulances on the scene yet. But they were on the way; we saw the first ambulance half down the hill near Lombardi Spring. Fifteen minutes later we arrived home and the sirens of fire trucks and police made us wonder again, what had happened on Hwy 92?