Coastside WWII: “Most of the sailors coming down to my Dad’s bar in Moss Beach would walk,” recalls Elaine Martini Teixeira.

(Photo: Elaine Martini Teixeira at far right, with sister Loretta.)

“Some probably drove a vehicle, the sailors that were permanently stationed there. We got to know a few of them: a cook, butcher, and chief petty officer of the commissary; they drove down. The main group of sailors only stayed a short time to practice the gunnery, shooting at the target behind a plane, which took off from the local airfield at Princeton. It would make continuous trips around, coming in from the Half Moon Bay side, out over the ocean. You could hear it and see it because the tracers left their trail through the air.”

(Photo: Elaine’s father owned a bar near the corner of Sunshine Valley Road & Ethleldore.)