I wonder what piece of music Mary [Schlecht] Day was playing on the piano at

the Magician’s House— overlooking the far northern edge of the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve in Moss Beach? Through the big picture windows, you can see the Pacific Ocean, always there, always dependable.

In the 1970s Mary Day’s warm Victorian-style home was, for some of us “newcomers,” the center of social life in El Granada. We also loved visiting the Channing Pollocks in Moss Beach (the Magician’s House), and everyone who did never forgot the special experience of being there.

Michaele Benedict says: I loved the picture of Mary Day playing the piano. I once taught one of her children–Chris, I think it was. They bought our little Lyon piano which had been bolted to the wall of a 35-foot school bus and had just about been shaken to pieces, but that wasn’t the
same piano she was playing in your picture. I wonder what ever happened to that piano.

June says: The Magician and his wife (Channing & Corri Pollock) died and the property in Moss Beach was sold—don’t know what happened to the piano.


(Photo of the Magician’s piano and the magician’s dog, Sabre. The piano was in the bedroom.)