A “High Tech” Memory

Burt and I were laughing this morning, remembering when Netscape started up in Mountain View, and i was determined to explore all the new, exciting stuff on the Internet. The Internet connection was often shaky and sometimes difficult to hold. And, in those days, the early 1990s, you had to know a lot about settings and numbers on the computer.

Although my mind doesn’t work that way, I hung in and when things got rough, and I couldn’t stand to be “down,” another second, I picked up my computer, I think it was a Mac Duo then (ha! barely any memory but very cool looking), and dragged Burt to the Netscape building. Via phone calls I had bonded with a kid who was willing to help me and then I actually showed up a couple of times in person.

I wish I remembered his name. He was great. What’s funny is the vision of me and Burt and the Duo walking into the Netscape office to get this genius kid to fix my Internet connection. It was in the very early days and nobody else seemed to be around.