1923: Attempt to Evict Coastside Madam………

(Photo: Below, the Coastside madam, Maymie Cowley, posing in front of her other place, today known as the Miramar Beach Inn.)

From the Half Moon Bay Review, 1923

“Jose Antone Azevedo and Mary B. F. Azevedo, his wife, have filed an eviction against [Coastside madam] Maymie Cowley, A Picchi, et al, former and present operators of hotel property at Granada, alleging that they have failed to pay the plaintiffs in accordance with the terms of their contract. The complaint recites that the defendants purchased the property under a contract on September 21, 1921, to a total price of $3000. After making a payment down, the balance was to be paid in monthly installments of $100 each.

“It is alleged that no payment has been made since October 1, 1922. payments for succeeding months belng allowed to lapse.

“In addition to an order of eviction th eplaintiffs demand $500 attorney’s fees. The complaint was filed in the Superior Court by Attorney Vincent W. Hallinan of San Francisco.”