…..Outstanding in the Field……

One of my dreams is to one day be able to schedule an event with “Outstanding in the Field.”***


When I saw the crisp, white-cloth covered table that seemed to stretch forever near an isolated beach, in the quiet redwoods, on a rustic Coastside farm–and on the table, locally gathered vegetables, fruits, locally produced “everything good,” I wanted to be part of it.

I imagined all my friends sitting at the table that stretched forever, laughing and talking, and having the time of their lives…outside, in a natural setting with no other homes or big buildings nearby.

Very cool. This is what I want for my next birthday.

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“Jim Denevan is an accomplished chef and founder of Outstanding in the Field, a world-wide moveable feast, a seasonal open-air investigation into the quality and meaning of place.

“Outstanding in the Field grew out of Jim’s “farmer dinners” which took place during the mid 1990s at tiny Gabriella CafĂ© in Santa Cruz where he invited local farmers to preside over special meals featuring their just-picked harvest. The first Outstanding in the Field “farm dinner” took place at Mariquita farm in Corralitos, California in September of 1999.

“Outstanding in the Field has hosted 75 events since 1999. In 2008, Outstanding in the Field goes even farther afield and ventures beyond North America — bringing our long table to selected sites around the world.”