Media Observation: Too Much Love At CNN Dem Debate?

By June Morrall

Last night, I watched part of the CNN Democratic debate with the two surviving candidates: Hillary and Obama.

Suddenly it seems as if the other “hopefuls” have dropped away overnight. It happened very fast.

What struck me was the love fest. It made us viewers feel good, sure, it did–but isn’t it strange that Hillary and Obama should become so smoochey after they’d been criticized for doing the opposite? For attacking each other on what some called superficial issues?

Who are they listening to?

True, the pundits complained on MSNBC, FOX, CNN & etc. The complaints I’m referring to were Hillary & Obama’s use of traditional (gotcha!) political strategy.

Now, it’s as if the script has been re-written. At least for one night: Let’s try this scene, the writer, director and producer suggested. Let’ see what happens, what the audience says.

And that’s what we got last night: a new scene. Act II called “Let’s Make Lovey-Dovey.”

While it was, indeed, a departure from the expected, would we really want to see Hillary and Obama smiling and supporting each other at all the debates? Wouldn’t their television encounters become dull?

In the end, it’s not the kind of political entertainment we have become accustomed to.


My friend Lynn says: “My opinion?  They are aligning themselves for a Clinton/Obama ticket or an Obama/Clinton ticket so they must play nice. Although I don’t know if Hilary would settle for second place. ”