Marilyn Monroe’s Last Sitting Revisited…

with troubled but gorgeous, freckled young actress Lindsay Lohan posing in her place in a spread in New York Magazine

If you’re my age, you know that some of these Bert Stern photographed images of forever icon Marilyn have been floated around before. Now Stern’s done it again, with Lindsay Lohan playing the role that Marilyn did so much better because she understood her emotional pain–but couldn’t squelch it.

(Unlike La Madonna, who needs only one name for universal recognition, Marilyn, who crumbled before us, and was so much more real, still seems to need the two names: Marilyn Monroe.)

As is so typical of these times, this era, when, sadly, originality is rarely found, for fun Lindsay Lohan has to don a platinum wig and pretend to do a famous photo shoot that has already been done.


After Note

Yes, I am also a TMZ PerezHilton etc. junkie. And on their blogs, I have been see Britney sometimes wearing a pink wig–was she hoping to be the Bert Stern model?