…..House Hearings on Steroids are Embarassing….

I’m watching the House [Congressional] hearings on steroid use by athletes–and Roger Clemens, the best baseball pitcher ever, was flatly denying he used any performance enhancers, period. Brian McNamee, his former trainer at the New York Yankees, disagrees and swears he did the injecting…personally.

A reason for the hearings, according to one of the Congressman: Sports figures are heroes to children and if the kids learn that their heroes use steroids to play better and become famous, they will do the same.

The hearings are embarrassing and painful to listen to. Once close friends forced to testify against each other, can you imagine?

What about the movie stars who use botox, face lifts of all kinds, breast enlarging, gastric banding, you get the idea, to improve their box office (and more importantly, DVD) sales?

Just like sports figures, don’t a lot of kids look up to movie stars, too? And, don’t children want to look exactly like them, and aren’t they willing, at a very young age, to go through major face (not just nose jobs) and body changes…..because these kids don’t like what they look like and will do anything to resemble Angeline Jolie.

Will the beautiful people be dragged before a Congressional Committee on the use of beauty aids and surgery to improve looks?

Is there really an ethical difference between someone who goes to the vitamin and supplement store to improve their fitness so they can be their very best– and these athletes and movie stars who use steriods and surgery to accomplish career advantage?