ABC News’ Mark Litke: Now and Then…….

Hello June,

I was just researching some information for a Vietnam story and saw the name “Wheatley” on my google results. I know the name well. He was the first person I knew killed in Vietnam. Following the links…of course…brought me to your site. And…well, you can guess the rest.

We were at Lincoln together. I graduated in the Spring of ’65.jl2.jpg
While my picture is inexplicably missing from the graduates in the
65 yearbook, you’ll find me there on the “Forty Links” page and as one of the ’65 Yell Leaders.

We must have known each other. As I rummaged through your site, it was like digging through a long lost chest in some great aunt’s dusty old attic (although we certainly are not that old). What a treasure trove of memories! Jeff Liss and Bobby Cooper (along with their cousin Jeff Cooper) were friends of mine at Lincoln (I went to Giannini Jr. High). I haven’t seen any of them since moving on to Berkeley.

I live in Hong Kong today. I’ve just retired as the Chief Asia Correspondentjl.jpg for ABC News. It seems as if we might also have a number of mutual friends in the news business.


Mark Litke