Michael Powers says: ¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

(Photo: Two sisters in a mercado in Guatemala by Ocean Studio photographer Robert Stender.)

Dear family & friends, Ocean Studio Alliance & Miramar Beach Kayak Club members,
I got up this morning hoping to send a message of hope & peace to all of you as the new year begins, & this wonderful image that my old amigo Bob Stender captured as we wandered together through a Guatemalan mercado years ago, just kept calling out to me.

Yesterday my old friend Chris Hedge, a very gifted & successful composer (who had his original Magic Shop music studio in the A-frame), his filmmaking partner Scott Dewar & I worked out a deal to begin sharing the new studio out front. If you go to christopherhedge.com & click on the ABOUT link, you will find a great little web show (with Chris’s great music, of course) that further inspires me to attempt the same for all of us in the OS Alliance!

Needless to say, I’m totally stoked to have Chris & Scott here in the new OS studio. For the last Olympics, they created a big production that ran for a month at Torino, where they had musicians from all over the world performing together – & now they are working on an even bigger deal for the 2008 Olympics in Bejing, China – who knows, maybe we can join them there!

On that exciting note, let us approach 2008 with passion & joie de vivre. May the same peace & courage that shines in the faces of Bob’s Guatemalan niñas, also shine forth brilliantly from yours.

Much love always, Michael & the Miramar Tribe