1947: End-of-WWII Letter to R. Guy Smith

(R. Guy Smith was visiting in Charleston, Arkansas when this letter from Montara was written). Gives insight into local goings-on, Mills Air Field and politics after WWII.
From: Giles. R. Johnson, P.O. Box 113, Phone Moss Beach 2411, Montara, California


Monday Nov. 3, 1947

Dear Guy:-

Thanks for all the Cards–enclosing few clippings which may interest you moe than they might if not in foreign (?) lands–grand weather here, mostly, rained a couple of days–not much else of interest, except, I understand your assistant is getting fed up with house-and-kids cares and running the government also–saw Harry last eve while in Reds* last evening—said he rambled all over Tunitas hills and meadows Sunday gathering mushrooms–said he never thought he could “take” the hills any longer, but found he could.

If you will let me know Flight number and date will call up Mills Field to learn hour of expected arrival there, and if at not a convenient hour for you to hitch a ride home on a Bus will try and meet you at the field.

Everyone around here o.k.

Suppose you fixed up everything politically while in Washington. [President Harry] Truman seems to be scrambling around for some way to unload the bad results of his policies. More and more I am wondering if all the Billions they are sending over to Europe and Asia, by Santa Claus, does anyone any particular good, except the Junketers. And to waste more money–Frank’s [President Franklin Roosevelt] was to waste as much as possible so he could borrow some more–Harry doesn’t seem to know the war is over, so he keeps right on “coppy-cattin” Frank.