You weren’t at the Bay Book booksigning? Here’s what Pam says:

Dear June,

Thank you so much for the fun we all had on Friday night. What a beautiful launching for your book, with a full cast of characters in attendance. I loved visiting with some of the locals and may talk a friend into a trip over the hill for a Bach Music and Dynamite Society evening. Pete [Douglas] was a delight to chat with and George [Resch] has added even more stories about the place.

I also wanted to share that I gave your book to a friend as a Christmas present. What I didn’t know was that Miramar, Princeton by the Sea¬† and Half Moon Bay were a weekly visit for her and her husband. He passed over 15 years ago at about age 55 and she has fond memories of their trips. When she saw your book, she got very excited. She loved the pictures and after quick glances at the stories, told me she can hardly wait to read the whole book. I have already read it cover to cover and know she will enjoy it. You are making a number of people truly happy walking down memory lane.

Have a Happy Holidays. Pam