1960s: 20 Monterey Pines Planted In El Granada


(Photo: El Granada, 1970s)

From the “Half Moon Bay Review,” 1960s

“Twenty two-year old Monterey Pines were planted in open spaces of The Alameda parkway in El Granada last Saturday, as the start of long range program of parkway beautification sponsored by the Granada Garden Group.

“The tree planting is being carried out in cooperation with the County Parks and Recreation Division, according to Sam Leedom of the garden organization.

“The Monterey Pines were obtained through the courtesy of Daniel Willis, chief of the County Park Department, when the Garden Group found the State Division of Forestry did not have the stock available, Leedom said.

“The planting in the Alameda parkway is designed to carry out the original plan of having that thoroughfare lined with Monterey Pines as it now is between Isabella and Portola and from Balboa down to Alhambra Street.

“Knute Kleinen, Sr., president of the Kleinen Company, San Francisco, provided and operated the backhoe with which areas about six feet in diameter and three feet deep were dug to eliminate competition for the young trees from existing eucalyptus tree roots. Joe Raible, Bill Capps and Sam Leedom formed the planting crew and Mrs. Kleinen ran a canteen service.

“Leedom, president of the Garden Group, said any suggestions from local residents as to further plantings would be most welcome by the Garden Group.

“The group has on hand 25 additional young pines, supplied by the Division of Parks, which is directly in charge of the parkways, and has promised that bare root stock will be made available for further plantings. It is tentatively planned to make the next planting in space available along Balboa Street which eventually will be one of the main thoroughfares through the Doelger development north of El Granada, Leedom declared.