Popular Pumpkin People: The Brothers Mello

As Burt and I wandered across Main Street, leaving the scarecrow contest behind us, we saw something Pumpkin going on in front of the IDES Hall. The big Pumpkin weigh-in contest, scheduled for tomorrow [Monday] morning was being set-up.

We love to talk to folks while they’re setting-up– and what a surprise to discover that Mel Mello, Jr., one of the directors of the Pumpkin Festival was there, working hard, getting the weigh-in station ready. Mel, Jr’s brother, Dan, [who lives in Washington] was also on hand. Both are the sons of the late Mel Mello, Sr., the much-loved HMB councilman.

Photos: Mel Mello, Jr., with the official pumpkin weigh-in board behind him and his brother Dan Mello. How different can two brothers be?