OSRR: When the train backed up to Pacifica

the passengers were greeted by Mr. Dannman, “the saloon man” at Shelter Cove (?).

Here E.H. Dannman (the cute little man in the center) poses with Rudy Brandt (at far left) and Lorin Silleman (at far right). Photo courtesy of railroad historian John Schmale.

I actually met Rudy Brandt, whose father had invested in Ocean Shore Railroad stock and did not take the eventual bankruptcy well.

Rudy Brandt was a real character; in the 1970s he lived in a spartan room or apartment in the Tenderloin in San Francisco and always carried a handgun with him. His life was centered on the Ocean Shore Railroad and he had a great collection of vintage photographs.

Rudolph Brandt is featured in my documentary “The Mystery of Half Moon Bay.” To view the show, click here