Northern California “Sea Glass” Association is

having a Sea Glass Festival at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk this weekend, John Vonderlin tells me.

Hi June,

…I saw it online. I became acquainted with the details of the collection of this most mainstream of the branches of non-buoyant marine debris collecting, when I and my friend attended a book signing of “Pure Sea Glass,” the sea glass Bible, by Richard Lamotte in Half Moon Bay.

I don’t collect it myself, unless it has artistic potential for me, but by reserving it for my beachcombing partner, who’s collection these photos are of, I assure I get all of the treasures shown in the last photo, part of one of the many collections I have from Neptune’s Vomitorium at Invisible Beach. Though I must admit the natural glass valentine shown in the last photo is collectible even in my odd world. Enjoy. John

Mary Beth writes:
Good morning June,
I caught your blog this morning while doing my dialy “sea glass” Google searching. I and was interested to see that you’ve mentioned the Sea Glass Festival. Just a friendly FYI, it is being put on by the North American Sea Glass Association. And I love the idea of having a Norther Cal. chapter.

Richard will be there and he’d probably sign your book for you. Someday soon perhaps we’ll get those chapters formed 🙂