Meet Alexander Gordon, the man who built Gordon’s Chute (1)

(Images: At left, Gordon’s Chute, at right, Alexander’s Gordon’s home near San Gregorio)

agordon.jpgRead his February, 1912 Times-Gazette obit:

“Another Pioneer Gone To His Rest…Death Ends Long and Honorable Career of Alexander Gordon

“Once more San Mateo County has been called upon to note the passing of a figure prominent in its history. Once more the call of the death angel has been heard among the rapidly thinning ranks of our early pioneers and Alexander Gordon has crossed the Great Divide to the haven of eternal rest with his Maker.

“Born among the granite hills of New Hampshire, deceased was endowed with a magnificent constitution which preserved by a regulated life, withstood the hardships of early combat far beyond the full allotment of three score and ten years. Imbued to the full with the higher attributes of manhood, he enjoyed more than the respect –almost the filial love –of the people of his city, among whom he had made his home for more than a quarter of a century.

“Perhaps no better record of the life work of this truly stalwart figure in the early foundation of this commonwealth can be found than the following sketch, compiled largely from a biographical history of the central section of this state.”

…to be continued…