Granada (5)

(Photo courtesy Spanishtown Historical Society)

[Note: I wrote this in 1977]

Granada’s two depots–maybe three, if you count the platform at the southern end of the Ocean Shore’s showplace–were impressive. The elegant one greeted passengers at North Granada [in 1977 home to Lane Realty], the other had a homey look and stood near the present-day post office.

[And here’s some place-name gossip: The “El” was added to Granada when locals stopped taking the Spanish language seriously. Correct usage is La Granada. Other locals told me that when the madam Maymie Cowley ran the local hotel, her live-in macho lover changed the name of Granada to the more male sounding “El Granada,” in honor of himself.]

Of course not everybody who arrived in Granada aboard the Ocean Shore bought lots. Many enjoyed the beautiful ocean views, fresh air and lonely stretches of deserted beach.

The advertised adventurousness of the train ride attracted all kinds of people who looked forward to visiting the Coastside at a time before major subdivisions cut through the agricultural land.

….to be continued….