Princeton Harbor: Do You Feel Safer At The New Intersection Of Capistrano & Hwy 1?

Tell me what you think….

Keri Morgret wrote:
“I work in Princeton and come north on 1, so I use the intersection daily. The road narrows down quickly to one lane, so I usually get in the far left lane for my left turn, since I’m going to be merging left anyway. I don’t like the light arrangement because of the short merge on Capistrano, but haven’t thought about problems of the opposite lane turning.”


photo_2.jpg (In the photo the car I am sitting in faces two other cars and both of them are turning left into Princeton. This is a new configuration. Previously, only the left lane turned into Princeton, now it’s two lanes. I find that cars in the new second lane come very close to cars turning left into El Granada (only one left lane turns into EG), compare, for example, the distance with the new configuration at Half Moon Bay.)