Ayn Rand-influenced “Romantic Realism” at Quent Cordair Gallery

herculest.jpg ( The 13th Labor of Hercules by Perham Wilhelm Nahl, the poster that celebrated the 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition, held in San Francisco)

Last week I walked into the spacious Quent Cordair Gallery in Burlingame and had a great time enjoying the paintings and posters, all of them fine examples of “romantic realism”–influenced by the brilliant Ayn Rand, the “Fountainhead” and “Atlas Shrugged” best-selling philosopher-author, the strong-willed, writer who in her work lifted man and woman to the skies of their abilities–her powerful characters becoming the builders of beautiful, strong bridges, of amazing architecture, never afraid, never daunted. And also becoming models for current day society.

Every painting, every sculpture and poster exemplify Ayn Rand’s philosophy–people at their very best.

Of local historical interest, there was a small painting of Pigeon Point Lighthouse and a lovely morning scene at Kings Mountain. There were many pieces I would love to own, but I was excited to learn that Quent Cordair has reproduction right to the 1915 poster, the “13th Labor of Hercules,” by San Francisco artist Perham Wilhelm Nahl.

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