Photographers…Here’s one of the best, Arnold Drapkin

arnolddrapkin.jpgPhoto: Arnold Drapkin
“…over the years I have mentored a lot of people, and its always nice to hear from them.
My best “acquisition” was hiring a summer intern named Mary Anne Golon
and mentoring her…she is now Time’s Director of Photography.

“If you get a chance go to and click on the FotoFusion tab at top. FotoFusion is a yearly week long festival of photography and digital imaging each January which I helped start 12 years ago and I continue to be its Director. I was very lucky finding the Palm Beach Photographic Centre here when I retired in 1988 and have been active with them since.
Incidentally, one of the other things I do is lecture on photography on cruise ships…a tough job but someone has to do it.”

Check out and click on the Fotofusion tab at the top–there’s a very cool photo you must see.