Poem: Cell Phone Love

For Lauren

I go into the workplace
Without love
No one has caressed me
No kiss goodbye

The home is cold
The wind outside is cold
The world is cold
I am left cold

The phone at work is shrill
Belying its promise
I answer. I must.
I listen and I talk

I am warmed by the voice
By the pleasantness
By the interest and the implied smile
By the quiet humor

I am in love
With someone a thousand miles away
Whom I shall never see
With whom I shall never speak again

I am in love
I am warm
I am happy
Love comes from within. I smile


The Art of Rumrunning & Other Stories

According to “Rum War At Sea,” by Malcolm Willoughby, a book published by the US government (and not likely to be found on the “best seller” list) during Prohibition Half Moon Bay was the biggest supplier of illegal booze on the West Coast.

In the 1920s the Coastside was sparsely populated. While there was an abundance of isolated beaches, where the booze was landed, there was a lack of prohibition agents to arrest anyone. One reason was because the roadhouse owners had their “connections.” If an agent was headed for the Coastside to raid the Patroni House or the Miramar Beach Inn or the Moss Beach Distillery, a quick phone call alerted the owners in advance–so they could hide the bottles of whiskey in secret hiding places that had been custom-made by local carpenters.

…to be continued…

“Mystery of Half Moon Bay” Online

Some of the Coastside “stars” that appeared in the “Mystery of Half Moon Bay.”


I was the writer/producer on this project. Stewart Cheifet was the smooth, rich voice and the executive producer. Rick Zanardi directed. Jim Threlkeld on camera.

Famous for his long-running, innovative “Computer Chronicles” t.v. series, Dr. Cheifet is the one who took the old video, fixed it up, and put it online for all to enjoy.

Thank you Stewart Cheifet, very cool.


Photographers…Here’s one of the best, Arnold Drapkin

arnolddrapkin.jpgPhoto: Arnold Drapkin
“…over the years I have mentored a lot of people, and its always nice to hear from them.
My best “acquisition” was hiring a summer intern named Mary Anne Golon
and mentoring her…she is now Time’s Director of Photography.

“If you get a chance go to http://www.workshop.org/ and click on the FotoFusion tab at top. FotoFusion is a yearly week long festival of photography and digital imaging each January which I helped start 12 years ago and I continue to be its Director. I was very lucky finding the Palm Beach Photographic Centre here when I retired in 1988 and have been active with them since.
Incidentally, one of the other things I do is lecture on photography on cruise ships…a tough job but someone has to do it.”

Check out http://www.workshop.org/ and click on the Fotofusion tab at the top–there’s a very cool photo you must see.

First Prize

Larry McCloskey, the husband of my childhood friend, Lynn, won 1st prize in the Alternative Photography category at the Marin County Fair for his fascinating photo, “St. Peters, Rome.”